How to get in touch with us

With just five weeks to go until the big day, we’ve already had a few employers and jobseekers register their interest in coming along to the Leeds Hidden Talents Employment Fair. However, if you’re interested in going and want to let us know, how can you do so?

In this short blog post, we’ll go through the ways in which you can get in touch with us, from social media to direct messages.

On Facebook

leedshiddentalents - follow on facebook

You can visit our Facebook page and check out the latest updates on the event. You can also join the event page if you have your own Facebook account to get a reminder on your smartphone of the date, time and venue.

On LinkedIn

leedshiddentalents - follow on linkedin

We also have a LinkedIn page, where employers and jobseekers alike can get in touch. We’ll be able to get back to you on weekdays, as soon as we can. Just search for ‘Leeds Hidden Talents Employment Fair’ and you’ll find the page instantly.

On our website

We can also respond to messages via our Contact page if you’re not on either Facebook or LinkedIn. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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