Job fair: What’s happening on the day?

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As the Leeds Hidden Talents Employment Fair is just two days away, we’re getting everything into place. So far, we have 16 stalls confirmed, volunteers to help you make your way around the fair, an event for employers to learn about autism and, of course, the venue confirmed.

However, if you’re interested in going but want to know about what will be happening at the job fair, we’re here to answer those questions and more.

Here to help

So far, we have a handful of event organisers and volunteers who will be around the St George’s Centre to do such things as:

  • Point you in the direction of the stall(s) you want to visit
  • Take you to the quiet room (Room 3) if you need a break from the crowds
  • Let you know about where parking is
  • Direct you to the toilets and/or the exit if needed
  • Hand you information about the event, employers and a feedback form
  • Ask any questions you have about the fair

We also have a quiet room booked for anyone who needs a little peace if the event becomes a bit too noisy and overloading.

On top of that, we have feedback forms for anyone who’s coming to see what they thought of the event. There will be a poll published on our website soon afterwards if you don’t feel like filling the form in straight away.

Coming and going

As you will no doubt know already, the job fair is open from 2.15pm to 4pm. You can come any time between then and bring something for employers to tell them a little something about yourself, including:

  • A copy of your CV
  • A business card
  • Your phone number or email address
  • A portfolio of your work

Near the entrance on Great George Street, you’ll see balloons with our logo on them and volunteers either wearing t-shirts or name badges. Information about how to get to the venue and parking is available on our Venue page.

If we have any more information ready, we’ll publish it on here and our Facebook page. We hope to see you all there on Wednesday!


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